Immediate I.T. support every time you need help.

No more downtime due to unresolved I.T. issues.

Knowing that your data is safe and backups are working correctly.


Your very own I.T. consultant available to resolve your personal and business needs.

Proactive management to ensure peak performance and less downtime.

Knowledge and expertise to assist you with all your I.T. needs.

Your Very Own I.T. Consultant

 ITLogicWorks is not a traditional “break/fix” I.T. company. Rather, our model is to provide proactive I.T. services to businesses and individuals making sure that your systems are always working together and running smoothly. By constantly managing your technology, you know that your systems are always operating smoothly. It is having the full support of an I.T. consultant without the associated high costs of in-house I.T.

​Don’t wait. When you partner with ITLogicWorks, our managed services allow us to identify issues before they become bigger problems —saving you hours of downtime, frustration, and hefty repair costs. 

​We offer you a free, no-obligation I.T. assessment. We will come to your office or log-in remotely to your computers at home to conduct an audit of your network’s overall health. When done, we will supply you with a report of our findings.

To schedule an appointment, please call our office at 954-937-2014.


Integrating your data into the cloud via Office 365 or G-Suite, giving you easy and secure access to your data from anywhere...
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Monitoring of critical services along with managed antivirus, system updates, and preventative maintenance..
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Managed backup and recovery solutions providing you with peace of mind knowing that your critical data is safe locally and in the cloud..
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Our trusted I.T, consultants will answer your questions and solve your I.T. issues, whether it's for your business or personal needs..
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Our Clients

Chapnick Community Association Law, PA

Ivor and his team are exceptional in every way. In my long and sometimes painful experience working with IT support, ITLogicWorks’ knowledge and responsiveness is unmatched. Anytime we have had an issue, they addressed it immediately, and frequently, they knew about issues and resolved them even before I became aware that they existed. When we needed a solution to system backup and redundancy, they provided us with good information and worked with us to design a system uniquely tailored to our needs. I highly recommend their service to any company needing IT support and maintenance.

Wattay Accounting

ITLogicWorks has a team of responsive, knowledgeable, and professional technicians that I would recommend to everyone. They took every step possible to expedite the set-up of my entire Network and I had the pleasure to work directly with the owner. Even after my project was complete, they continued to answer calls and resolve additional issues. This is an up and coming Technology Company that will lead this industry through customer service! I very much look forward to working with these folks again in the near future.